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Beverley Green Sasquatch Hunter by Andrea C Neil

Beverley Green is starting over... with chickens. And possibly Bigfoot.

When 40-something Beverley finally has enough of big city living and leaves New York for small-town Guthrie, Oklahoma, she discovers "the simple life" is so much more complicated than she’d thought.

Beverley adopts Guthrie as her new hometown, opening a bookstore and taking a job writing for the local paper, hoping to write her first novel in her free time. It sounded so simple when she came up with the plan. But she soon realizes she’s in way over her head.

Her landlady has it in for her due to a most unfortunate—and unusual—misunderstanding, and she keeps embarrassing herself in front of a mysterious handsome stranger. To top it all off, her editor at the paper insists she cover the recent spate of Bigfoot sightings. Which is ridiculous! Since everyone knows Bigfoot isn’t real, right? But Beverley seems to be the only person who doesn’t believe.

Sale ended on September 17th 2020

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