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Dearest Fluffy by Adam D Rice

When you're stuck hundreds of miles from home, what do you turn to for fun? It probably didn't exist in 1861. But writing did. And letters. Remember them? Little pieces of trees wrapped in other little pieces of trees. Back then, sheep were pretty common on farms, because everybody had to darn their own socks. Have you ever tried to darn your own socks uphill both ways in the snow? Me neither, but we can pretend.

What was a bored Union soldier supposed to do with all that free time between marching and skirmishes? Take a nap? Shave? Writing letters doesn't sound so bad, now, does it? So, J.J. wrote home to a sheep (and other animals)! Cut him some slack. He's wearing wool, after all.

Sale ended on September 20th 2020

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